Five must have features to be ranked as elite apps

To be ranked as the top 100 best mobile app is a huge achievement. Many people claim that it’s nearly impossible to achieve but the word itself says “I’m possible”.  However, the journey is not as easy as picking up groceries. What seems to be impossible may only be succeeded with a great amount of hard work, endurance, dedication and time. If you’re ready to endure the aforementioned factors, finding success is not a matter of HOW but only a matter of WHEN.

But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Getting to the elite app group is only possible if you know how they got there in the first place.

While the app building is for the most part very difficult and has their own distinct purpose- from assisting various people’s need to keep in touch with their friends and families- some of their features is the same. In this blog post, you will learn about some of the common features.

1. App with exceptionally helpful customer support

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Some people are tech-savvy whereas others are not. There always will be people who need help downloading and installing the app. They also might have some queries before and after purchasing your app. If they have questions before purchasing the app, the answers to their questions will only be the way for them to move ahead with the purchase. If they did already purchase the app and you don’t answer their enquiries, the users will obviously not recommend your app to others and won’t purchase any future releases or other products from you.

Customer support for the top 100 apps will get your question addressed within hours or even minutes in some cases. Most of them have the policy to answer within 48 hours which is also fine. Some companies have a lot of inquiries on their plate, so they outsource their customer care and the cost often is on an hourly basis. Of course, you don’t need this unless you are getting tons of inquiries and have other things to take care of. At the point when you do need help answering enquiries, the cost may be a very small price to pay.

But wait; here is a tip that can lower your already economical customer support. First, create a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section that your users can read. Second, you can just simply type your responses out in a document and just copy and paste the answers instead of writing the response again. But don’t forget to customize your responses that cater to every individual, just addressing their inquiry by their name should do the job.

2. The app is not flooded with advertisements

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Do you hate ads?  I loathe them. They are annoying and make me want to turn off the app or websites. Sometimes the entire app’s interface will be covered with ads and makes you watch it for a few seconds- Ewww!! Would it be possible to reach the top of the charts with ads on your app? Of course, almost every free app has ads.

The technique here is…well, you guessed it right, to not annoy your users with ads. But you need them to make money how can you let them go? Well, the strategy here is to place it on the bottom, top or sideways… not directly in the middle blocking your ability to view the app itself.

Ad revenue is a big thing for these tech companies. Why do you think the services that they offer are really cheap or sometimes even free? It’s just a simple trade-off. Would you pay hundreds of dollar with ABSOLUTELY 0 ads or use the app WITH advertisements? I would probably go with the latter.

3. The app just solves a problem that human faces…well…

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Getting into that elite club of best apps just proves that you have just created that helps mankind and obtained a huge market of buyers. These people needed something and you just created one and they can’t stop bragging how cool it is….simple as that.  But how can you create a problem, is it the same as we have been hearing about the antivirus companies creating viruses to make their product sell?

Ok let me give you an example when the first iPhone was released, did you really know that you needed one?  Millions of people have one today and do not even hesitate to upgrade to the newer version. But before iPhone got introduced to mankind, did you really think “I need an iPhone” course not, it does not even exist. Apple CREATED a need for them.

So you don’t really want to go through that labyrinth idea of creating a need but still, want to have an awesome app that people would buy. Well, you can just look at the surrounding and nature, after all, nature provides EVERYTHING.  The most seemingly random sorts of apps that remind you to drink water, taking your dog out for a poop walk and so on. People today are so overwhelmed with their work that they tend to forget the mundane tasks that are required to exist in nature.

4. App reviews!

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There is no doubt that app review is the ultimate key. Apps having tons of awesome reviews from genuine customers will make the users buy the app. On the other hand, app having negative reviews will certainly slow down your sales.

The best way to get a positive review is to do everything right. Don’t make any mistake, even the smallest one from the start to the end. Make sure the users don’t have anything to be unsatisfied about.

Of course, some of the reviews will be negative no matter how awesome the apps are. Do you think the reviews for the best app out there are all positive? Absolutely not, but you need to learn from these negative reviews and address the problems.

5. A clean app that actually works.

It’s funny how many of the apps out there in the market does not do what it’s supposed to do and looks ugly. No one wants to buy such apps. A clean, intuitive working app is what makes users buy them. Why do you think the best apps out there in look so amazing? Their team of designers did a phenomenal job; of course, they are not cheap. They have spent a great deal of money to hire quality designers to make the interface of apps look aesthetically wonderful.

And as for the app which does not perform the tasks that it is supposed to do and crashes frequently is a big NO NO.  Many apps there crash regularly due to poor design principles. I know it’s super annoying users to pay something that doesn’t work and makes you reboot your device from time to time. In such a case, it is certain that those users will give you a negative review which will hamper your sales.

I understand that app development is not easy, but if someone says it's super easy, then they definitely are lying. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we here at Hamro have been developing apps for over 10 years. Now, go on … the future #1 mobile app is in your hands…

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