Microsoft unveils the new Windows Terminal

Microsoft has recently unveiled the launch of Windows Terminal for next month. This is a new app oriented for developers who feel more comfortable developing in a CLI environment.

The ambition of this windows terminal is unique because microsoft pretends to unify the three command line interfaces that exist in Windows until now: Powershell , Cmd and Windows Subsytem for linux.

The only thing that can be said about this is... about time! Probably all developers have been waiting for microsoft to unveil something like this. The difference between using the command line between windows and linux environments has notably been a very different experience. 

This is a new and promising software. Microsoft has been making a lot of effort to have a good aproach to the developer's community. Not only has it been opening up to linux by developing Windows subsystem for Linux, but made a huge contribution to IDEs with Visual Studio Code, their latest yet most fresh version of Visual Studio. Let's hope for this terminal to be just as good as they have been delivering and to fulfill all of its promises.

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