The Hamro way of increasing your E-commerce sales

As an e-commerce entrepreneur and marketer, you are always looking for techniques to augment your traffic and convert them as customers for your store.


Some methods prove profitable whereas many don't, the truth is that you need to keep trying different options and learn which means will best suit for your store. Online web sales account for about 3 trillion USD in the year 2018, no wonder you want to improve your sales and get a piece of that big pie.

In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the most profitable methods we here at Hamro have experienced after working for ten years in this sector. However, we haven't featured some of the cliches methods.

1. Have a lucid shipping cost

According to Statista, the top factor for driving customers to purchase is free delivery. About 63 % of online shoppers purchase because the store offers free shipping. So this means that online retailers should provide free delivery whenever possible to attract more e-commerce sales.

Additionally, you can set up a free shipping minimum rate in which the customers must purchase a certain amount in order to qualify for free shipping.

Even if you aren't able to offer free shipping,  you should be clear about the shipping costs. When you're upfront about the extra costs shoppers have to pay for shipping, it can help encourage them to go through with their purchase. 

But if you display the extra shipping costs only during the checkout, customers can abandon the cart. In fact, according to Barilliance, the top reason for shoppers abandoning their cart is because of the unexpected shipping costs.

amazon shipping cost example

You need to display the actual cost on the product including taxes, shipping cost and additional cost for choosing variants, for example, choosing red-coloured t-shirt.

2.Simple & Guest check out.

A long and confusing check out process can make people abandon their carts. The main aim here is to complete the checkout process before the customers have a chance to change their mind. We here at Hamro recommends the four steps check out process; process that require four clicks before a customer can place the order.

To add-on, customers requiring to register before placing an order is also another factor for carts being abandoning. For this purpose, allow them to check out as a guest without registering.

check out process image

3. Increase e-commerce sales via popular platforms. 

The juggernauts of tech: Instagram, Facebook, Google and Amazon can be a powerful platform to drive your sales. Among them, Google and Amazon are renowned for being a shopping platform with Google having Google shopping and Amazon being Amazon. However, Facebook and Instagram are not behind the race too. Both of them owned by Facebook Inc has employed over 50 dedicated software engineers to develop their own platform.

You can post advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to seek the attention of over 2 billion active users every month. Also, you can send your product feeds to google shopping and register an account on Amazon to start selling via them. However, working on these platforms can be daunting with each having their own sets of rules and etiquettes to follow if you want to sell through them.

4. Showcase your top selling items.

When a user visits your website for the first time, you should guide through so that they won't feel lost. One of the way apart from an outstanding User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is to list the top selling items on the website.

To do so, you can include a category of "best sellers" on your home page itself. This can help to increase your e-commerce sales. Also, a new user on your site will get to learn about your most popular sites and what other users have been purchasing.

top selling items example

5. Implement Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Cross-sell is about offering similar or complementary products to the shopper, also make sure that these products cost somewhat the same. For instance product suggestions like 'Frequently bought together' and 'Customers who bought this also bought this' can be categorized under cross-sell. 

Up-selling is where you're trying to get your customer to buy a more premium product which potentially will increase the profit margin. You can show such products by exhibiting the upgraded product stating their increased benefits or allowing customers to configure the product while they select an item to the cart.

cross-sell example picture

If you want to learn more on Hamro way for e-commerce success then don't hesitate to contact us, we typically reply within two business days.

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