Old patents we could reuse during the COVID19 Pandemic

For anyone who has worked in industrial development before, patents are a very common way for people to protect the time and resources invested in developing an idea. The human mind is one of the biggest and most marvelous artifacts regarding the "having ideas" paradigm, however, sometimes patenting inventions takes a considerable amount of time and money. In today's post, we thought we could talk about some of these inventions that we could definitely gain an advantage from during this pandemic.

Note to the reader that the following are all real patents, despite how crazy they may seem to be.


(Artur Porta i Contreras y Eva M. Orugo Ruiz – 2004- Patent Number ES1056415 U)

Originally designed as a mouth sexual contraceptive for oral sex. This invention could easily be adapted if the hole was stitched or moved towards the point where your nose is.

Mouth cover

(Moira J. Figone – 1989- Patent US4834212 A)

Device that was invented in those times when you really really need to shout it out Originally intended to show out the bad words  and relieve stress. (The sound is mitigated  and that way we don't bother the people around us.

This could be adapted to become a mouth cover to prevent the spread of covid 19


(David Shichman – 1993-  Patent US5214803 A)

Registered originally as a sort of bell / face cover to protect one self from toxic fumes and gases, this could easily be revamped as a complete facial mask.

Alcohol dispensing hat

(Prokić STEVAN – 1990 –  Patent FR 2640874)

Beer has finally met it's match with this amazing invention. Since most restaurants and bars are completely closed and cut off, this can be a nice workaround to serve your own beer (or to others) and make this pandemic seem a little bit easier.

beer has met it's match

This is the perfect way of dispensing alcohol, spirits and liquors hands free , and it could easily be tuned to include heating or a stereo audio device to listen to music and improve the pub feeling.


(Prokić STEVAN – 1990 – Patent FR 2640874)

This hazmar looking suit was designed to fight and as protection from sexually transmitted deseases (and if you add a mask and gloves it will also protect you from COVID19.  The suit consists in an external cover made out of plastic flexible materials - we think preffered materials are to be transparent). The drawing in the patent also includes a reusable condom.

safe sex?

Safety while driving

(Li Ming Tseng – 1997-  Patent US5628062 A)

The following drawing explains the patent of some arm covers that technically are used to protect your arms from solar rays coming from the windshield. This could be very useful for uber drivers that spend so much time with strangers and exposed to daily covid19.

safe driving while covid19

The pro version

 (George V. Rael – 1994-  Patent US5357633 A)​

If you like driving with your arm hanging out the window.

safe driving while covid19

Tired of eating?

(Lucy L. Barmby – 1982-  Patent US4344424 A)​

Incredibly useful device that prevents your mouth from eating. This could be very helpful for those nailbiters.

safe driving while covid19

Working from HOME

(Several authors– 2000-  Patent US6021535 A)

This device is intended to make your remote working as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. As far as we are concerned and have discovered, the pijamas are not included in this patent.

safe remote working

Walk your PET out

(Donald R. Martin – 2002- Patent US6490999 B1)

If your pet is a snake or cobra.

pet safety


(Sam Kupperman y Denis Kupperman – 1980- Patent US4195707 A)​

Yes, this is a real patent. Long time back we already designed how to talk to each other. These telecommunications engineers actually patented this.

neighbour communicator

Fresh air breathing

(William O. Holmes – 1982- Patent US4320756 A)​

Despite the fact that this design was originally intended for respiration in fire hazards until you are rescued, this device could also be used in extreme lockdowns without fresh air.

breath fresh air always

love gloves

(King Terence David – 1990 –  Patent GB 2221607)​

This original design intended to keep the happy couples together during the winter when they want to hold their hands and still feel their S.O's skin. Ideal for couples that don't want to stop holding hands but still want to be protected against covid 19

hold love

Fly Killer

(John Richard Daugherty – 2009- Patent US7484328 B1)​

We now know that flies can step on top of an infected surface and then fly to you full of covid19... This is why we can use this micro fly killer in a very suitable and fashioned way. No touching, no germs, just safe killing.

fly killer

Circular transportation facilitation device

(John Michael Keogh – 2001 – Patent AU2001100012 A4).

To sum up, we just want to note down the fact that somebody patented the "Wheel" in 2001 in Australia. This Australian lawyer  patented the wheel not to become famous or rich, but to prove a point of how ambiguous and weird was to patent stuff in his country. This "Call to action" was used to modify the patent law. We guess that had this not been done, the next patent would have been fire.

the wheel

This article is based  on this spanish article from a very famous blog "Histories within Histories" that we strongly recommend to take a look at if you know the language.

We also recommend you  to contact Hamro Dev if you are thinking of patenting an idea anywhere in the world. Talk to our experts by clicking Contact button.

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