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Hey all again! This is going to be just a quick post for tools that you can use when working online. Not only to get new JOBS but also to get more productive while doing them. Let's start off.

The pomodoro technique

I had heard from the pomodoro technique to help towards online work organisation before, but it wasn't until a friend from mine actually talked me into trying it and the results were quite good. There is a lot in the internet revolving around the pomodoro technique, but if you want to take a quick look at it just google it and use this tool: Pomo Todo

Fast, agile and easy to learn and use. The pomodoro technique consists in separating your work schedule into small units of 30 minutes. It helps you when calculating budgets for future work - i can't stress this enough - and it is very useful to combat procrastination.

The website is free to use and has a premium subscription which includes many more features.


If you haven't heard from Trello yet.... well if you haven't heard from it yet, then maybe that's the reason nobody is hiring you. How come you not know what Trello is? Booooh! Shame on you!

Now that you have been shamed upon enough. Trello is a messaging and task organization system based on boards, lists and cards that stick around for as long as you need them.

Trello is a core tool for freelancers and young entepreneurs to get to work with each other and to manage different pending tasks. If you have a team, you can assign different tasks based on lists and/or cards to each member on your team. Keep the information centralized in one plataform and distribute it across teams and clients for an easy way of keeping together what needs to be done.

As a project manager and digital consultant, I spend hours on a daily basis reading and creating trellos here and there to organize teams and clients into getting work done and ready. Best thing of all? it's free!

Starting as a freelancer entepreneur can be difficult , specially before you get all the required skills and client base to have a decent sallary going on. This is where Freelancer comes in very handy.

Freelancer allows clients to find professional freelancers to work on their tasks. And that freelancer could be YOU! 

Now, it might come in as a very nice website, and it actually offers a very nice product where it is relatively easy to find freelancers to work on your projects and to find collaborators. But the truth being said, it's full of people, so landing your first job can be a bit difficult. As soon as you start finishing jobs and getting good comments, the platform increases your visibility and you start to shine when offering offers to your potential customers and clients.

The problem here comes for you, the freelancer, since most of the job offers will be filled with desperate freelancers like yourself trying to get the job done in the cheapest price. I'ts very useful for designers and web developers, but there is a large list of work and jobs that are posted there.


Well, to be fair, I don't really like this platform, since they never accepted my request to become a freelance worker here. Upwork, just like freelancer, offers job offers to freelancers just like yourself. It differenciates itself from Freelancer in the fact that if there are too many freelancers from one particular area, they will not accept new freelancers to join that market.

It might look like a dick move and bad towards their business growth, but having a controlled market to client ratio makes the chances for the existing freelancers to get a job slightly higher than in freelancer.

Not that i've ever known if it properly works or not, (thank you m*therf***ers....) but I've had plenty of friends that have made a comfortable living online in this platform. Try to get lucky!


Workana is a bit like the light version of Freelancer. It's a growin platform sited mainly in latin america (so most of the projects are in Spanish) where you can get a steady flow of clients without the huge hussle of so many people competing for a job.

I found a couple of nice development teams working in this platform at the early stages of my development process via this platform. And if you speak Spanish it should be a must to stop by and check it out. The English version is still not so powerful but it's getting there.

invision app

Invision is a collaborative platform for clients and designers to work in better design prototypes.

If you are a web developer (or any sort of user interface designer) , then using a tool like Invision is very helpful to guide your clients through the design process and learn properly what they need through constant feedback and an extensive design process.

It allows you to share screens with all of your team, keep a record log of work done as well as allowing you to view the screens. 100% recommended if you don't know what it's about.

Hamro Dev

Of course, if you want to get a job too you can always apply with us to join our network of freelance remote developers. why not? we are amazing, we treat our freelancers super good and , well you never know when things will start to fire in your carreer.

Including us in your list of websites to search for employment is - in my opinion - a good idea to start. You can just fill in the profile and wait, keep doing what you normally do until we find a project that your skills are fit for.

Easy, right?

Marvel app

Marvel App is a similar copycat of Invision with very similar functionalities

If you plan on working with design patterns and as a designer to other companies and clients, this could be a good way to get your prototypes with your clients online.

As I said, I wanted to keep it short so if you think any other tool should be listed in this list, please let us know in the comments section and don't forget to like us in Facebook!

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