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So I've decided to open up this blog to reach you all guys around the planet to tell you what i'm doing. While I write this post down  I have my laptop on top of me and i'm surrounded by people from all over the planet and some Nepali locals in Kathmandu. It gets a bit chilly at night and we all gather around the fire to keep us warm. I've made it to my dream job and i've only recently started.

I have been working in Spain  as a project manager and as a developer for a long time now. If there's one thing about computer science and computer programming is that it's hard.  When a software company messes up and people complain, I sometimes think that we, as a collective society, don't fully understand the complexity of building something like an Android mobile phone. The way these new devices are affecting the way we build relationships is astonishing and shared all accross different nationalities. 

Working as a developer in Spain is hard. Pay is bad, work can be tedious, and sometimes bosses can be real assholes bad people. If you don't like your job, working 8 hours a day can be agonizing. Even when you like your work, 8 hours a day can still get very tedious.

By fall 2016 i had made the decision of quitting my job and going to volunteer in Nepal with this great american NGO helping rebuild schools after the 2015 earthquake. I lived here for six months and worked my ass off as a volunteer. The work was hard, the conditions were not the best, and still I enjoyed the work I was doing a lot.

As you can imagine, when I got back to Spain i had a rough time readjusting to the original life the west had in mind for me. I got back to work to a 9 to 6 hour job and I soon grew a bit tired of that lifestyle. Whatever it was, it wasn't  meant for me.  I started making numbers and I decided to build my own project with some good associates.

It all started with one simple idea, now we are distributing software in different markets accross the globe, coordinating remote freelance developers and companies from different parts of the planet. All our work is based remotely online.  I wake up in the morning and talk to an Italian customer about a project specification in Italy, and then work in a tailored solution for another client in Spain, while travelling across south east asia.

  • The golden temple

    One of the best preserved monuments of Lalitpur
  • The mysterious streets of thammel

    Visitors wander around the many temples that Kathmandu has to offer.
  • Boudhana Stuppa

    The biggest buddhist stuppa in the world.

Kathmandu has many things to offer, and life here pays off better. Besides, it's only the beginning. Me and my associates are looking for remote freelance developers to grow into a more mature company as a remote software development agency. 

What we pretend to do

We intend to attend customers from every country, no matter which, and develop digital solutions for their needs. We organize remote teams of developers in different countries. We communicate through slack, We manage project through remote software tools like gitlab, bitbucket and Jira. We plan projects with remote designers using Invision. We crossmarket clients and developers and the results are astonishing. 

What we are looking for

We want remote developers with experience in Android, iOS and Web development. We want them to know how to use tools like git to coordinate with other remote developers. We want them to keep a good flow of communication with us, and we require them to meet deadlines and commit to their agreements.

What we offer

We offer a clean honest friendly working environment and a good pay. We offer tuition to young entepreneurs who want to start as remote developers, and we require wisdom and experience from people who already have been in the business.

Throughout my working carreer, i've come to fully realize that companies that best work are those that treat their employers with dignity and respect as equal partners. Forget about bosses telling you when they want their job done and how they want it done. You mark the pace, you work your own way as long as you meet the deadlines.

So, are you up for it? This thing we are building is amazing, and we could very well use your help :-)

If you are interested, Join our network and show me your portfolio. No cv required, no cover letter, just show us what you got.

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