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Hamro is a decentralized network of freelance developers and designers. Due to the nature on which we conduct our  business activities, we are always interested in contacting new freelancers from across the globe. If you are a software developer or an online business digital nomad and you are interested in becoming a digital nomad, keep reading.


What we offer


All of our activities are resolved remotely through the internet. In Hamro we trully value the freedom of our remote development teams. We offer you a fair price to your working hours as well as a complete freedom to choose your timetable and your working schedule. 


You will have the chance to work with people from all over the planet in an ideal and informal workspace for software development. Once you are assigned to a team and a project and we schedule the development road map, you will hace complete freedom to work wherever you want and whenever you want (always respecting the agreed road map and the work to be developed).



Are you interested? These are our profiles.


If you are interested in working with us, keep reading. This is a small list of developer profiles that we are looking for. 

Most of our projects require full knowledge in HTML and CSS for both web development and mobile app development, as well as a general knowledge of how REST architecture works.

  • At least 8 months of experience  working in front-end development projects.
  •  Knowledge in Ionic Framework or Xamarin (or any other hybrid crossplatform technology (in Hamro we love technologies and we are open to everything).
  • We will also value positively knowledge on Android / iOS native development in Java , Swift or Objective-C
  • Knowledge of version control tools (we use GIT in Hamro) as wel as continuous integration tools like bit bucket or Jira.
  • Our communications are in English, so being able to communicate in English fluently is a must.


Generally we use Node.js and PHP to develop our end points and our server infrastructure. Again ,we are open to all sorts of technology to develop our APIs.


  • At least 8 months worth of experience developing apps and webs in PHP / Node JS ( despite this, we will value knowledge in other technologies and platforms such as JSP).
  • Good knowledge in web design and REST architecture, as well as knowledge in how APIs work and how they should be developed.
  • Fluency in English is a MUST to manage communications properly with other members of your team.
  • Version control tools such as GIT.
  • We will value positively knowledge in Amazon Web Services, Docker and Google Firebase.

Most of our projects require a REST architecture that we develop using microservices through virtual private servers and containers such as Docker.


  • At least eight months of proffesional experience in REST systems and architecture.
  • General knowledge in Linux commands as well as web server interfaces suchas PLESK and SSH.
  • Knowledge in Amazon Web Services, Docker or Firebase, as well as experience in the development and deployment of these technologies in any digital project.
  • Fluency in English is a must.

This profile requires knowledge in project management using development team members connected remotely. The use of tools such as Trello, Asana, Jira or Git is our everyday basis. You will also need to have good skills in agile methodology as wel as prototype cascade development.

  • At least 10 projects worth of experience as project manager in any software company or group.
  • Knowledge in Agile methodology and version control such as GIT.
  • Excellent proficiency in English. You will be writing and speaking with developers from all parts of the planet with different ways of speaking and writing English, so we require certifications to prove that your English is good enough (we require at least a C1 level)
  • We will value positively any remote development experience that you can prove.

Other job openings for non-developer profiles. 


Our company also offers other job openings to take care of administrative stuff, sales , digital marketing, blog editing and so on.

Just like the rest of our infrastructure, our sales team also works independently and remotely. To access this job post you must have basic knowledge of apps and technology and how web technology works as well as the life cycle of software development. We offer all of our sales people a small 15 day training course to help them conduct their commercial sales activities. 


  • Six months of experience as a salesperson in any company or industry.
  • General knowledge in tech related stuff as well as app development and videogames.
  • Knowledge in the use of tools such as Wordpress or Joomla. We will value positively if you have a blog.
  • Decent fluent level of English to be able to work with our development teams.
  • Autonomous capability to work by yourself and with other team members. We require our candidates to be proactive and independent. 

Join our network!


Startup and entrepreneur world is full of obstacles and challenges. If you are thinking on developing projects by yourself, without having to go to your office from nine to five and having counted days for holidays then this is your place. We want you to be completely autonomous and independent and we want you to tell us when will you be available for work and when not.


Our philosophy is that we are all grown up adults. Nobody needs to be your shadow, taking note of what time you go in and out of work. We generally all know at this point in our life what is good and what is wrong. We don't want to be your boss that screams at you  because work hasn't been done properly. The working atmosphere here is very relaxed an chilled and we organize yearly meetings and working retreats to get to know each other better and take nice rest.


If you are into this remote methodology, and you want to be a part of our freelancer network, no matter if you work by yourself or you have a team of people under your supervision, don't hesitate.