Real Estate asset management made easy

Simplify the management of your real estate assets with JFLATS

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JFLATS is a software for real estate asset management

Jflats is a software that we developed to help a Real Estate asset company manage their housing properties and tennants. Take a look at the main features the software had or download the brochure with more information.

AUTO Billing system for all of your assets

Automate the management of all of your real estate assets. Billing service done with only one click.

Automated Contract generation

Forget about calling your lawyer every time you need a contract or change tenant. With JFLATS your contracts are generated automatically according to law

Invoice management

Manage your invoices with clicks in seconds. Manage all of your tenants' payments and other incomes with our revolutionary platform

Data and files are stored in one place

Keep track of all of the important documents and files from your real estate assets.


Happy users with our services

Real estate assets

Spread through the Valencian Community, in eastern Spain


worth of net gross income


Over 30 years of experience in real estate asset management

Intuitive design

Easy learning


Contracts, tenants and landlords are all managed in the easiest of ways with just a couple of clicks to get all of the info you need.

Adapted for mobile and tablet

So you wan check your data and information anywhere, anytime

File Management

Don't lose your information. Digitalize and store your information in our platform.

Always online

No need to install any complicated software packages


Everything is delivered online 24/7 through our website. Keep updated.

The perfect tool to keep track and capitalize your real estate assets. Management has never been easier.

"The system is  very comfortable, you will always know the status of your real estate finances."

Rosa Belenguer Llansol - Real estate landlord.

Help yourself and your team keep track and log everything that happens around your real estate assets.

Historial JFLATS

With automated one click invoice systems, forget about that tedious day of the month , let our software take care of management so you can focus on your real work.


If you are interested in discovering how we developed this app or if you have any questions