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Nowadays most projects require a fully operative team with very varied capabilities. No matter if you are a programmer, or a graphic designer, digital marketing advisor or expert in video and audio editing and filming,  there is space for work for someone like you.
Hamro Dev is a network of digital product developers, and we are always looking for new people with whom to develop new projects no matter where they come from. It's pretty simple, just fill in the form you see bellow.


These are the profiles that we are looking for

If you are not sure if you'll fit in our network or not, here's a list of profiles that we are eager to hire and include in most of the projects that we develop remotely.

Most of our projects are based in HTML and CSS with heavy use of Javascript (Ionic Framework, React, Angular, jquery). We are however open to any technology you may have expertise in

  • At least eight months working experience in any company as a front-end developer
  • Knowledge and skills with Ionic, Angular, React or JQuery.
  • GIT knowledge is a must in our company
  • Fluency in English.

We normally build REST API endpoints using Java, NodeJS or PHP .


  • Eight months of experience working in a company as a back-end developer using any technology for it (Node, PHP, Java, Tomcat, nginx...)
  • Understanding of how an API works and knowledge in API development
  • Fluency in English
  • GIT version control
  • Knowledge in AWS or Google Firebase will be considered as a plus.

Most of our architectures are based in microservices and we heavily rely on Docker.


  • Eight months of experience working as a System Ops / Dev admin
  • Linux system management via PLESK and SSH
  • CLI knowledge for AWS and /or Google Services will be a plus
  • Fluency in English

This type of profile is based in project management via online tools such as Trello, Asana, Jira or Git. Experience in project management is a must.

  • Managed at least up to five different projects in other companies
  • GIT knowledge is obligatory
  • Knowledge in Agile methodologies. Scrum will be a plus
  • Fluency in English
  • Any remote working experience will be considered as a plus

Many of our projects require people to heavily rely in Google. Facebook or Twitter campaigns. Our marketing strategists must be able to perform in at least one of the platforms.


  • Knowledge in using Facebook Pixel or Google Ads / Analytics / Tag Manager / Studio.
  • Marketing experience in projects previously worked in.
  • CMS Knowledge in Wordpress and Jooml will be a plus
  • Fluency in English

Our marketing campaigns normally rely on Audio and Video content to make promotional ads. 

  • Knowledge in audio / video editing tools such as adobe premiere or Windows Movie Maker
  • A portfolio with your work.
  • Fluency in English

Take a look at where some of our freelancers work in.

  • Boudhanath , Kathmandu

    "Working and travelling has never been easier ever since I joined Hamro Dev."
  • The Pantheon, in Rome

    "I started working remote when I was finishing my College studies. Now I very rarely stop at one place for more than 7 months"
  • I worked for one month on a local project

    "Part of my job would require me to checkup on the Elephant's status and local businesses around the Chitwan National Park in Nepal"
  • Full stack in Mountain View

    "Working as a remote developer has allowed me to grow and become a fully independent digital nomad contractor for other companies"
  • Start your future carreer

    "I always wanted to move in to Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Area. The pay is good and I am living the American dream!"
  • Urban art in the Internet.

    "I never thought my profile could be useful in any digital nomad project. Now I use my art to work fully remote as a digital nomad in projects everywhere around the globe"
  • Taipei 101

    "Developing startup projects for the chinese and asian markets? Who would have guessed this 5 years ago? I'm very happy with my current situation"
  • Valencia, Spain

    "I fell in love with the city, but finding a Job proved to be a bit difficult at first. Then I discovered Hamro Dev and this is what I make a living out of now."

ADVANTAGES of working in our freelance network

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Forget about long incomfortable hours of work. While you are working with us, you are the one who sets the pace and time tables.
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We don't fill your inbox with spam neither you need to spend time checking websites for new jobs. Registering with us will only take you five minutes. We will contact you only for projects that have already been bought and paid for and for which you have an ideal profile.
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Once we have agreed on the time and price of development, you take the wheel. It is you who decides when to work and how to plan your schedule and holidays and free days. Plan your projects accordingly and relaunch your professional carreer.
Receive ocasional job offers from our partners and startups.


Your information is very important! Depending on your abilities and knowledge, we will contact you and enroll you in project that match your skills. 
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I am a salesperson (I have experience in sales, using sales tools and managing clients)
I'm a software developer ( I can program and develop apps and I have experience in software projects as a developer or project manager)
I'm a marketing agent (I have experience in Facebook, Google ads and I possess valuable marketing skills).
I am an Audio / Video Editor. I have experience using programs such as Adobe Premiere and know how to take professional video footage
Database technologiesIf you are a backend developer, please select the DB technologies that you have worked with previously
MySQL / Maria DB
Oracle SQL
Postgre SQL
Mongo DB
Firebase DB
Microsoft SQL
Backend TechnologiesThese are the technologies we most normally use in our projects
Javascript (Node JS)
Amazon Web Services
Sys ops (Docker, CI, linux, windows, plesk...)
Frontend technologiesThese are the technologies we normally use in Front end projects)
Android Native
iOS Native
Ionic Framework
Javascript (native)
Angular JS
React JS
Have you ever programmed an e-commerce?Let us know if you have any experience in programming for any of the following
Open Cart
Tell us something about yourselfA couple of lines to explain us who you are, what you do and what you can do for our freelancer network

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