profile and resume

juan vilar - 34

Full-stack developer and it consultant from valencia, spain.

Hi! My name is Juan - Computer Engineer - and this is my online resume. I imagine you'll probably have a large amount of candidates to review, so I'll try to keep it short .If you are interested, you can take a look at the rest of my personal brand's website.


  1. I Went to the British International School of Valencia  and spent 13 years studying English as a first language.
  2. I Studied Science Baccalaureate at another educational institution (Colegio Hermanos Maristas) also in Valencia.
  3. Obtained a Computer Engineering degree at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia  with a specialisation  in Software Engineering.
  4. Studied a year abroad in Rome, in the Universitá degli studi La Sapienza di Roma, using the Erasmus Programme. For non EU residents, the Erasmus Programme is a European Union student exchange programme that allows university students to study part of their careers abroad.

Profile type

 I'll resume my profile type as a proactive and very energetic Full-Stack DeveloperProject Manager, IT Consultant and IT Business Analyst. I am good at managing project developments in Software, and I can use these skills in any environment (This is, establishing connections with the project's providers and suppliers, establishing timelines of when things must be done, making sure the teams assigned to the project work smoothly and that they deliver work in time and budget).

I also have a lot of experience in business development, since most of my career I've spent in small startup companies instead of large consolidated corporate conglomerates, so i'm used to working with tight resources and making as much as possible with the little we have.

HAMRO DEV – OPERATIONS OFFICER - Digital Nomad - Current position.

I’ve currently started up my own Digital Agency and I work as an Independent Contractor for companies and clients that need to develop their digital online products. I work with remote development teams from across the country, travelling the world to meet clients and design their digital products. As a startup entrepreneur, i’m used to being Project Manager , handling not only software projects, but also business models and affairs. You can check more information @


jarit - english teacher - 8 months

I volunteered with this amazing Spanish NGO as an English Teacher. The project consists on a 2 year plan to help immigrant students that come to Spain to obtain a degree in English in an official language academy so they may have an easier access to obtaining a job in Spain.


Volunteering was something that I always wanted to do, so I headed to Nepal to volunteer with this great american NGO to help them out building a school. As a base manager I served as support for the logistics coordinator as well as the volunteer coordinator. I made sure that everything in base was in order, food and other supplies for volunteers and staff members was stocked up, and pretty much became the base handyman, fixing anything that broke down. As a site manager, I would ensure tools in shed were in order and working properly, fixing any electric power tool that required it.


ALL HANDS AND HEARTS – SITE MANAGER - Sindupalchowk Base - 1 month

I returned to Nepal and repeat the experience for an extra month. This time I helped at the Sindupalchowk region of Nepal



A real estate asset management company with it's own software Project. Part of my job consisted on organizing the arrival and departure of foreign students to shared flats as well as to coordinate all of the maintenance needs and updates our real-estate assets needed. Talking to providers, managing bills and data income analysis also became an important part of what I was doing there.



As a part of the Talentum Startup programme by Telefónica. I worked in an entrepreneur company focused on rising new music bands who would offer them a social network environment on which to sell their songs. Their online platform also included a highly sophisticated algorithm who would match popular songs with songs produced by the indie groups.


Technological Institute of Logistics, Transport and Packaging - PROGRAMMER - 6 months

As a programmer, I developed small minisites for each of the companies sub departments and projects. I also developed smaller scale internal applications.



This was a small company I got invited to work in. The project was backed by a large computer consumer product selling company. I developed all of the website as well as their internal internet structure and worked with them as a freelance.



I used to work as a freelance developing web pages for small companies. The pay wasn't great, but the job was easy and could get me a little extra cash while studying in college.

If I had to define my personality regarding work within a company, id' say my strengths are as follows:



team work


decision making




Then again, those could just be completely randomly placed numbers based on my own experience - don't blame me, I'm only trying to make things more visual and exciting so you can get what kind of person I am!

If I had to describe myself shortly, i'd say i'm a natural problem solver. I see problems before they happen, I discover where the problem is coming from and then I fix it (or arrange it to be fixed by someone who knows how to fix it).


The following languages I speak fluently with ease.

English 0%
Spanish 0%
Italian 0%
Catalan / Valencian 0%

These next languages I have a good conversational level and I could easy have any conversation with any provider or client who spoke them (How I learned Nepali).

French 0%
Nepali 0%


Other than my academic and my main professional skills and knowledge as a Computer Software engineer, I have also other skills i'm talented at. 

Spokesperson 0%
Cooking 0%
Driving 0%
Graphic design 0%
photography 0%
Construction 0%
Plumbing and Electricity 0%
Management 0%


Regarding programming languages (if you are interested), i am fluent - or have enough proficiency to dive into a project in less than a week - in HTML5/CSS3 , Java, Javascript, NodeJSIonic Framework, PHP, Typescript, C/C++, Python and C#

I have experience in Jira, Asana, SVN and Git for code tracking, debugging and project Management.

I have knowledge in Photoshop, Office, Libre Office.

Regarding cloud systems, I know how to use Google Firebase, Gsuite administration and Google cloud services.

Regarding web systems and services, i have knowledge in apache, nginx, plesk systems and linux cli. I also have experience developing REST API services, as well as both Front-end programming (Ionic Framework) and Back-end development (Laravel, Symphony, PHP, Express)

I have knowledge in Docker and Docker Compose for scalable container systems