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This is a service information landing page. If you are about to develop an online project this might be of your interest

Digital project management 

Hi, my name is Srijan Tuladhar. I'm a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience in creating mobile, web digital products, engaging in business and data analysis. This is what my brand can offer you.

Are you starting your own digital project?

Does your company need to develop software? 

Great, you came to the right place! I am a strategic IT business consultant and through my brand I help young entepreneurs and  companies to develop , manage and oversee their digital products.


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I am a Nepali citizen who is passionate about technology, innovation, and business. I started my path by studying Bachelors in Science with Honors in Business Computing & Information System from University of Central Lancashire (UK). Afterwards i joined in an International Non-governmental Organization to work with databases where my roles were to collect, manage, store and process the data. These data were then used by United Nations and other aid organizations for humanitarian aid purposes. I also had an opportunity to lead and develop multiple apps working for them.


After working for humanitarian purposes, I later worked in a IT firm as a Database Engineer and Business analyst. I worked for clients such as Neiman Marcus, Century 21 and Dollar General to grow their business through technology and data.


I am very found of listening music, watching movies, travelling and meeting new people. That's when i met Juan Vilar and decided to join him in our venture of working for Hamro and help businesses and startup grow through technology. We love our customers and sometimes even travel with them. Who knows, you could be my next customer!


Digital product development

Are you or your company in need of a digital product owner or project manager? This is a small list of services I provide

I study the requirements of your business (for web and mobile apps) and I work creating specs and managing your digital project with remote development teams spread across the globe.

I help you decide where to invest your money in your future project's upgrades and developments. I offer project maintenance at a good and reasonable price so you can focus on your business while I handle development.

I help you and your team decide about marketing strategies that you can use to improve your lead generation and client engagement opportunities.

I manage all of the audio and video promotional needs that your business may encounter.

ONLINE Business development

Is your idea a good one or have you completely lost your mind? Do you fear maybe you will not finish a project within time frame or money budget? Then probably you will find someone like me very useful.

Take a small break and chat with Srijan.  I can help you uncover the enigmas and the keys for the success of your business. And it will only take me the time it takes you to have a coffee. Isn't that great? Just a chat and I can help you figure out many things and doubts about your online business.

Your company is in need of developing a software service, but you don't have anyone in mind that will keep the project within budget or time.  I totally get it. Software development is delicate and costly. Sometimes it's nice to have an in-house team, sometimes it's better to subcontract the project to another team. What's best for your business?


Is your company in dire need of help to supervise hiring new tech employees for your company? Why not try doing it through my brand? Thanks to remote development , now you can have your own in house team connected to your company , working for you via the internet and at very competitive prices.

You can externalize or subcontract any agent that your company might need to cover temporal costly development peaks where work will saturate your current team, or to start up your own programming and IT department within your company. 

You can find pretty much anyone in my network, from a small freelance development team to a multidisciplinary fully engaged team with marketing , design, video experts as well as illustrators, copy writers and business analysts.

This is more than consultancy

When you approach an external consultant, you really not only need someone to help you see things with perspective from the outside.  You need a technological partner that accompanies you throughout the whole lifecycle of your project. And that's where I come in very handy.

Are you looking for a tech partner for you, your team or your company? Write me about it. It will only take you a couple of minutes and I can help you figure out so much.