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Srijan tuladhar

IT specialist and consultant from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Hi! My name is Srijan and this is my online resume. You have been forwarded this URL address because you have an open position for someone that would fit my profile. I know you'll probably have a large number of candidates, so i'll try to keep it short and if you are interested in me, you can keep reviewing the rest of the page.


  1. Graduated from University of Central Lancashire, UK and studied BSc(Hons) in Business Computing & Information system. 
  2. Graduated high school  from National College of Computer Studies and have been studying computer since 2nd grade.

Profile type

Before you dive into my working experience. I'll resume my profile type as a proactive and very energetic Project Manager, IT Consultant and IT Business Analyst. I am good at managing project developments in any sector or industry (This is, establishing connections with the project's providers and suppliers, establishing timelines of when things must be done, making sure the teams assigned to the project work smoothly and that they deliver whatever work they are doing).

I've also had a lot of experience in business development, since most of my carreer i've spent in small startup companies instead of large consolidated corporate conglomerates, so i'm used to working with tight resources and making as muchas possible with the little we have.

HAMRO DEV – OPERATIONS OFFICER - Digital Nomad - Current position.

I’ve currently partnered up with a friend of mine to establish our own Digital Agency and I work as an Independent Contractor for companies and clients that need to develop their digital online products. I work with remote development teams from across the country, travelling the world to meet clients and design their digital products. As a startup entrepreneur, i’m used to being Project Manager , handling not only software projects, but also business models and affairs. You can check more information @


I later worked at an American IT firm called GrowByData. It is a data driven company which assists clients grow their online business. My main responsibility here is to manage the entire project, communicate with the client, analyze the data and help grow client's business such as Neiman Marcus, Dollar General, Barneys New York and Century 21. 

I worked with a wide variety of tools and technologies such as Atlasian Jira, Trello, Amazon Web Server (AWS), Python programming language, R programming, Mysql and Oracle Database. 

I also had to worked extensively with popular ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Amazon, Google shopping, Big commerce and Ebay.  


restless development - it associate-2.5 years

This was a humanitarian organization based in the UK that i worked for almost 3 years. My job here was to collect the data, process them ,store them and generate reports which was used by the United Nations, United States Agendy for International Development (USAID) and the government of Nepal to make important humanitiarian decisions.

I also developed and manage an Information System to manage the daily workflow of the organization. I further customized an open source tool for remote data collection (Kobo Toolbox) to make remote data collection more efficient. 


augusta information solutions - web developer - 3 months

This was my first job as an working professional which is right after i graduated high school. I used to develop and design web pages.

If I had to define my personality regarding work within a company, id' say my strengths are some what as follows:



team work


decision making




Then again, those could just be completely randomly placed numbers based on my own experience - don't blame me, I'm only trying to make things more visual and exciting so you can get what kind of person I am!

If I had to describe myself shortly, i'd say i'm a natural problem solver. I see problems before they happen, I discover where the problem is coming from and then I fix it (or arrange it to be fixed by someone who knows how to fix it).


The following languages I speak with absolute ease. It would be hard for someone to figure out where I come from

English 0%
Hindi/indian 0%
Nepali 0%
newari 0%


Other than my academic and my main professional skills and knowledge as a Computer Software engineer, I have also other skills i'm talented at.  Again this is just a bunch of random apparent stuff that is only intented to help you see what kind of person I am (and also the innovative ways I use to display relevant information)

Cooking 0%
Graphic design 0%
photography 0%
Management 0%
Singing 0%
Blogging and Writing 0%
Fantasy football 0%


Regarding programming languages (if you are interested), i am fluent - or have enough proficiency to dive into a project in less than a week - in HTML5/CSS3, php, python, mysql database management language.

Fascinated, am i right?

Wait for it, i want to add up the fact that I'm a very dedicated person. Full disclosure, I can sometimes be a bit impulsive at the beginning, but I compensate with fast learning, and easily adapting to stressful situations with simple solutions. Give it a thought