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Hamro Dev is growing. Our digital network wants to expand the services that we offer to other digital nomads and programmers around the globe. This form will help us improve the services we are developing for all of you. Please take the time to fill it in, we will be very grateful.

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1 About you and your activities 2 About your preferences 3 About your projects 4 About your networks

Hamro Dev is growing! Our network is slowly getting more and more views and we want to know your opinion on services that we can offer to someone like you. If you are a digital nomad and are fascinated with online communities, please help us grow! Flling in this form will only take you 5 minutes and it will be very useful for us. Plus, if you fill it in, we promise to reward you with a funny video at the end.

First of all, where are you from?*A city, country, anything that tells us where you come from
How much experience (in years) do you have?Throughout your working life, towards your digital nomad activity
You consider your profile as a....
What sort of work and services do you offer?
What % of your time do you spend on collateral activities to your work?Like preparing bills, managing and contacting new clients, filling up government forms and taxes, basically anything that is not work per se.
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On your daily work basis, which of the following things do you find harder to do?
Finding new clients and projects
Program or work
Obtain visibility for my website or portfolio
For a client not to change his or her initial requirements of work
Getting my projects paid
Finding new collaborators and other digital nomads to work with
Sales and client management
Studying (in learning how to use new technologies or tools that you haven't worked with yet)
How good are you at selling your services or work?Do you consider yourself a good salesperson of your own services?
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