we recruit the best professionals for your digital project

Do you need to renew your team or hire a new one to manage your digital project? Hamro Dev has you covered. We help you find the most suitable professional developers to make your project. Our human resources strategy is focused towards finding high tech profiles that can start working - in person or remotely - in your company as software developers, audio / video editors, marketing managers and any profile fit for online business development with both senior and junior profiles. We do the searching so you can focus on your business.



Not all projects are the same neither do they have the same requirements. In such an innovative world as computer science, you may find that finding the right programmers for your business may be a bit challenging.

Let us analyze the needs of your digital project and we will find the fit candidates that most adapt to your project requirements. Both for senior and junior profiles.


Our network - breeding pool for talent

Straight from our developer and partner network, with multi disciplinary candidate profiles, we manage to cover any vacancy in your business both inhouse and remotely.

We manage your human resources for project developments for both temporary and fixed job posts.

candidate selection adapted to your business

  • step 0 - project analysis

    This is the initial (and optional) step for companies who don't really have a clear idea of what profile they need to hire. We study your business project and requirements and provide you with the candidate profile that your digital business needs

  • step one - candidate screening

    We talk out with you and your team to understand what candidate profile you require so we can start our screening process.

  • step 2 - recruitment source selection

    Once we have a clear idea of the profile we need to screen for, we decide what will our recruitment sources be. This will depend on the needs of your company and we may well use either agents from our own network, or require more specialised services for finding candidates such as LinkedIn as well as searching for candidates working for your competitors.

  • step 3 - candidate interviewing

    We contact the candidates and explain to them the profile, asking information about their actual status, desires and aspirations. Following this we start our own interviews and tests (both curricular or competency tests) and we ellaborate a report with the final candidates that we will show you at the end of the process.

  • step 4 - candidate presentation 

    With a list of potential candidates in hand, we present a list of our final candidates to you and your team so you can make the final decision.

our candidate screening process

Head hunting is a selection process in which the "Head Hunter" searches for a given profile without the candidate having the need to look for a job or having talked with them previously.

Many companies decide to use Head Hunters to satisfy their human resources needs.

The process we follow at Hamro Dev have been defined by our years of experience in the field of software development.

ask us for more info. no strings attached

If you need to expand your workforce but finding a real candidate may be a hassle for you, let our expertise guide you. We will find the best candidate and most suitable to your business needs.

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