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In Hamro Dev we are specialists in assessing startups towards investment rounds , financial associates, incubation presentations and business pitches. We divide this process in three fundemantal pillars


Why should a business angel invest in your project?  Define your business, design an MVP and present your business model


What KPI must you present to your partners? Optimize the KPI that will atract business investment.


Discover and connect with new potential business partners and investors in our network.

strategic solutions for financial investments 

Our method will help you prepare your project and present it to potential partners and future investors.

Design your MVP

The first step towards attracting any potential investors is to prepare or design an MVP. It doesn't need to be very extensive, but the more detailed the better


Use Rapid clickable prototypes in your presentations if you haven't got a functioning prototype working.

This is an example for a rapid clickable prototype

Projects with a rapid clickable prototype have double the success rate for attracting investment in early stages.


Show potential investors and interested partners how your app works with user flow screenshots. 

order your kpi

One of the disadvantages of living in this modern digital era is the amount of data that our systems generate on a daily basis. A sea of data that badly managed can jam your business model.  

¿What's the use of bragging about tons of website visits if your website doesn't generate enough benefit? Define the most important KPIs that your business partners will want to hear about

Improve your Business pitch 

An "elevator pitch" is a brief and short description that you could present to a potential investor if you shortly met him in an elevator and had only that moment to explain your idea and get his contact.

Combined with a powerful presentation, startups that have made correct analysis of their requirements and have prepared their pitches normally receive much more investment than those that don't.

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