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de.Lenzo is a Spanish brand that sells Linen home products to the european market. The startup focuses their website on heavy photography to display the quality of the products they sell.

JFLATS - Real-Estate asset management 

Our team developed an admin tool for a real-estate asset management company. The software automated the process of client management, billing, customer support, contract creation, tax management and invoices for the company to manage their rental apartments. At the begining stage of it's development, the software was already managing real-estate assets worth over five million euros.

BE BETTING - Surebets

Be betting is a spanish marketplace for surebet traders to contact with betting investors and make investments in sport betting markets.

Retro tee

Retro Tee is an artistic project brought by Hamro Dev to sell products via a simple Woocommerce and connect artists in our network to product design process. 

Nepal Cultural  - spanish travel agency in nepal

Nepal Cultural is a Spanish Travel Agency with it's activities based around the country of Nepal. They organize tours around the country and take groups of tourists into a very different type of adventure. One that is more focused in being sustainable , eco friendly and respectful with the Nepali cultures and ways.  From Yoga to Trekking the inmense Himalayan ranges.  We helped the company find new clients and customers via web channels such as facebook and google.

WILD NEPAL - Travel agency 

Wild Nepal is a collab online project to help a local agency in Nepal get new customers through online communication channels. We developer their website and designed their marketing strategies for online client engagement.

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JEPRI - Only big sizes

Jepri is a Spanish startup focused on creating big sized shoes. Our IT startup consulting has helped this Spanish startup to build up their business model and revolutionize the digital selling and distribution of big sized shoes in Spain.

logo colchón selección

Colchón Selección is a Spanish Ecommerce dedicated to the world of selling matresses online, with a strong presence in the Spanish internet market and a full SEO dedicated strategy.