Why the Future is Cloud Computing

In recent days, we have been listening about cloud computing and cloud storage reshaping our world. The most popular cloud services today are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

These days almost everything in the digital world is connected to the cloud in some way or other. As the tech sector rely more on data and realize the power of them, they find new ways to process, store and organize the data; cloud computing will soon become an integral part of our lives. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the current trends that are using cloud computing.

1. Managing and Storing Data

With a lot of data getting generated each day, the cloud will help the world to adopt the burgeoning volumes of data which includes text, documents, and high-definition video. According to Huawei, the high-definition video will account for 89% of individual user traffic by the year 2025. Soon the internet will be inundated with your cat videos.

Additionally,  cloud computing not only stores the data but also will protect them. Businesses and people heavily rely on cloud computing to secure their data. In the future, we can assume that there will be more data centres at a lower price as competition between the service providers will reach a new height.

cloud storage image layout

2. Artificial Intelligence

The cloud will aid a lot of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). Cloud will help them to adapt to new platforms such as mobile and voice assistant device like Alexa. Today smartphones are the most common form of computers which surpassed the sales of PCs in 2011. But most of these smartphones lack the power to process massive unstructured data to provide a variety of modern-day services. To solve this problem, phones can send those data to powerful servers in the cloud which will process them and can impede the high response time. 

Smartphones will keep using technologies like voice assistant, face recognition and identifying the stuff captured by your camera; which will require a lot of data collection and process to ace it. With such limited resources that our smartphone possess, the power of cloud computing will be used to its optimum.

Artificial intelligence robot thinking

3. Self-driving cars

We have been amused with autonomous cars gliding down the streets without humans commanding them. Just like smartphones, vehicles come with sensors and cameras that generate a plethora of data. Much of that data needs to be processed in real time, so pressing will take place on, or inside of, the vehicle itself. But many tasks, such as software updates and teaching the car about road signs and hazard will be done in the cloud.

self driving cars judging other obstacles

With such technologies, commuting via car can reduce road accidents to 100 times or even more. It also thwarts burglar, vandals and car thieves, which is governed by multiple security cameras.


Do you have more ideas on cloud computing and other innovative ideas that can be delievered by cloud computing? If so please contact us.

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