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We are happy that you join our network of freelancers and developers. Hamro Dev grows each day and we are always looking for new talents that join our remote development teams. We need Designers and developers to work with remotely in our web and app development projects. You can take a look at our employment section to see the different developer profiles that we are looking for in this moment.




Since we work online through the internet, we value a lot your capability to present yourself in the internet. This is why we require that you have some profile or public portfolio that can show us what you are capable of and that will talk about your proyects. No CVs in docx format (that's part of the XXth century).


To get to know your skills, we want you to show us your personal portfolio in the internet and for you to write a public article in which you explain us a little bit who you are and why you want to work with Hamro Dev. We believe that good writing requires an organized, concise mind, a quality that is essential for great developers to have, so please start off by writing a blog post talking a little bit about who you are and why you want to work with Hamro Dev.


Advantages of working in our freelanceR network

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Forget about long incomfortable hours of work. While you are working with us, you are the one who sets the pace and time tables. Our development times are very dynamic and depend entirely on your working capacity.
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We don't fill your inbox with spam neither you need to spend time checking websites for new jobs. Registering with us will only take you five minutes. We will contact you only for projects that have already been bought and paid for and for which you have an ideal profile (hence the importance we give to presenting your skills properly over the internet).
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Once we have agreed on the time and price of development, you take the wheel. It is you who decides when to work and how to plan your schedule and holidays and free days. We don't mind if you work from your own office, by the beach or in a swimming pool.  Plan your projects accordingly and relaunch your professional carreer.

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I'm a Designer (I have experience using Photoshop, Ilustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch...) I am a salesperson (I have experience in sales, using sales tools and managing clients) I'm a software developer ( I can program and develop apps and I have experience in software projects as a developer or project manager) I'm a marketing agent (I have experience in Facebook, Google ads and I possess valuable marketing skills). I am an Audio / Video Editor. I have experience using programs such as Adobe Premiere and know how to take professional video footage
MySQL / Maria DB Oracle SQL Postgre SQL Mongo DB Firebase DB Microsoft SQL Otros
PHP C/C++ Java C# Javascript (Node JS) Amazon Web Services Firebase .NET Prolog Haskell Cobold Sys ops (Docker, CI, linux, windows, plesk...)
Android Native iOS Native Ionic Framework HTML/CSS Twig Javascript (native) jQuery Angular JS React JS Flutter Other
Woocommerce Open Cart Shopify Prestashop Magento

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