Global Climate: We are trapped in a "perfect storm" that undermines our health while we find a solution

I was in Barcelona this past weekend, taking a small peek at the city and attending the Barcelona Mobile World Congress and on my way to the top of Mount Tibidabo - the summit mount from where you can take a nice look at all of the city - and I was fascinated by the ridiculous ammount of pollution that could be seen everywhere. 

I have been a Digital Nomad for quite some time now, and i've pretty much travelled to many places. I must say this was not the first time I was seeing something like this. Back in Kathmandu, where i've lived for almost a year, The intense smog and pollution could be seen and felt spreading all across the chaotic capital of Nepal. I must admit that so much dirt along the streets as well as a complete incapability of fixing the stenchy Bagmati river situation made me have a Love-Hate relationship with the city.

Back then I used to think "oh, Nepal!" But this was not the whole scenario. When in Taipei, I would get frequent alarms from Google informing me about the air quality and contamination particles on a daily basis, with hourly updates based on my GPS position. Pollution is a Huge growing concern (at least finally it has become a concern!)

The situation I thought was very distant, but things in Spain are becoming ever incresingly more and more Dangerous. At least 26 cities have their pollution levels Craving off the charts. 13 out of the 17 autonomous regions have overpassed the maximum legal amount of pollutants in the air. What the hell is going on?

Fossil fuels, polen and dust: The bad side of good weather

I have noticed it and i'm not a huge fan. I sometimes suffer from allergies to pollen. And the worst month for me used to be February / March, when Winter was falling out , temperatures rose and we could start feeling the warm and hot Spanish Summer. It used to be around this time of the year when I would have to start taking my Allergy Pills. Only for a couple of weeks, they would keep my mind a bit more at ease and help a lot with it.

However, this year temperatures were already rising and by the end of January I had to start taking these pills because my body simply couldn't handle it. And i'm guessing this isn't something that has just happened right now. In the UK alone, this year was the first time that any temperature above 20 degrees celcius was ever registered in the middle of winter.

The reason? Not a mistery, more wood. The air is filled with particles and dust, ashes, soot and so much Pollen. The main reason for this (added to the need of extra heating during the winter) has been the main cause for this urban contamination, but there is still much more.

Take a look at the flowers. Take a look at dust levels.

As I told you previously, high temperatures are causing flowers to bloom much earlier in time than the usual. Keeping this in mind because this is a no good for people like me who suffer from allergies around this spring time of the year.

Furthermore, as desertification advances around the world, particles of dust keep being spread over more surface, and pollution adds up to this. Greenhouse gases keep rising temperatures and spreading dust all over the air. According to the Health effects Institute, 95% of the population worldwide is currently breathing unhealthy air.

I find that data to be completely crazy and off the charts. What the hell! And in the meantime, most of these countries are waiting for solutions that can help reduce or limit the situation. Countries start to invest more heavily on alternative sources of energy that provide cleaner and less pollutant emision gases, but as long as we still have this ruled-by-growth policies around the planet. The small investments that are being carried out worldwide are simply no match for our growing needs. 

A damsel in distress?

The situation is very grim. But if there is something that I take for certain is mankind's ability to preserve itself. There is a crisis going on. One that might end up causing more deaths and misery than world war 1 and 2 together, and it's one that will not be able to be tackled by single governments. The solution must come from all countries. From my perspective, I think more and more people are gaining a lot of concern about the problem, and soon - very soon - when these problems start to become a real problem and not something that seems so distant (like severe water rationing) i hope people start to realize about how serious the situation is and actually team up to do something about it.

This problem became self evident for the population of Cape Town, who was forced to take drastic measures to prevent running out of water last year. The apocalyptic notion prompted water stockpiling and panic. Caused massive drops in tourism bookings and raised the spectre of civil unrest. The government announced a "day zero". A moment when dam levels would be so low that they would have to turn off the taps in Cape Town and send people to communal water collection points spread across the city.

Maybe this is the sort of problem that we all need. Maybe world war 3 will be fought against global climate, and will only be tackled if we finally figure out the fact that , unlike 100 years ago, today, no matter what part of the globe you are living in, you are part of the planet, and that we are in this together.

There is still much to be done, and awareness should already be around. Hence why I decided to make today's post about the current situation. What do you think should be done? Remember to leave comments below!

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