Tencent's biggest shareholder just bought Stackoverflow for 1800 million dollars

According to the official press release by Stack overflow,  Prosus has announced its intention to acquire Stack Overflow for 1.8 billion dollars (1800M USD). Something tremendously exciting for members and shareholders of the online community that dedicates its entire efforts for programmers to collaborate and band together.

  • Prosus is one of the world’s leading technology investors with stakes in companies such as Tencent, Brainly, BYJU’s, Codecademy, OLX, PayU, Remitly and Udemy. Their massive scale and reach improves the lives of around a fifth of the world’s population. Prosus’s mission is to build leading companies that empower and enrich communities, as demonstrated by the many community-focused and EdTech companies they work with. This makes Prosus the perfect company to acquire Stack Overflow, and Stack Overflow the ideal investment in their focus on the future of workplace learning and collaboration. It allows us to continue to operate as an independent company with our current team and with the backing of a global technology powerhouse.

This is some very exciting news that has revolved the internet. For those of you who don't know, Stack Overflow is the world's leading forum for IT questions and tech related questions and answers solution.

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