This video about NFT is very self-explanatory

For a long time i've been trying to explain to my peers what NFTs are and how they are linked to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I've tried to explain these things without trying to get very technical but at the end of the day it simply becomes technical because of the way the technology has been designed and how it's starting to impact our every day lives.


Something fungible reffers to something that can be replaced or copied. For instance, your toothbrush or a car. These are things that can be copied over and over again and replaced no matter what happens.

On the other hand, Non fungible things  are the ones that cannot be replaced. Like yourself, or your mother or family members. Take for example if you consider the car that you drove for the first time. The car that you have in your memory the first time you drove it. That memory of the car is Non Fungible. That car itself is fungible, but the experience that you had with it is non fungible. It cannot be replaced because it all happened with that car.​

But how does all of this relate to blockchain and cryptocurrencies requires a bit of some better and more technical explanation.

Youtuber Johny Harris has created this magnificent video that clearly explains how the idea of replaceable and irreplaceable things interconnects with blockchain and cryptocurrencies and why NFTs are right now one of the hottest trends on the internet. Plus on a bigger brighter side he has also managed to make this very interesting to see. I'll let him take over from here and if you have any further questions don't hessitate to answer.

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