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If you are starting up as a digital nomad in the world of startups and entepreneurs, we are very glad to have you on our side. First of all we'd like to welcome you to our network of freelance digital nomads.


What are the next steps?


We have received your profile and have been added to our network of professional freelancers and digital nomads. You need to do nothing else! We will contact you whenever we have reviewed your profile and we asign



That depends on your skills and on your presentation. It could take a couple of days or maybe a couple of weeks. As soon as a representative sees your profile he will validate your skills through a meeting and whenever we have a project, we will assign it to you. But worry not! We will get to you as soon as we have a project in which you can fit



It could happen that we don't see your profile fit enough for any of our projects, or maybe we won't be able to give you any project for quite some time. Stay put and reach us via our social networks. Keep prepping yourself up for when the time comes. And if you really really really want to become a digital nomad, then don't hesitate to keep searching the internet. There are hundreds of websites around the world where you can find work and become a digital nomad.