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Data Brokers and Data legistlation in the USA

Yesterday's episode of Last Week Tonight by John Oliver was a very interesting one that touched a little bit of everything you'd expect could go wrong in data privacy and data collection in the United States of America. I strongly suggest you take a look at it, since it really grasps a little bit of how modern society is dealing with these privacy problems.

Despite the fact that Data Protection is heavily restricted by the European GDPR (you can check our cookie blocker) and companies must comply with European GDPR obligations, obligating websites to allow users to opt out of these cookies if desired.

It is a bit unsettling (at least in one's mind) how companies can have a close and easy access to so much information, and keep track of users's preferences that they can then sell to third parties. It basically is the very definition of digital unlimited capitalism.

Upsetting times for data privacy regulationS

Everything on the internet seems to be newer and newer, and the way we are using information on a daily basis is changing constantly from time to time. It can be hard for governments and entities to keep up with how fast this information is tracked and stored, and legislate about it thinking in the benefit of society. This delay can be understood but ... ¿shouldn't the government do something about it faster? This is not the first time something like this has happened . Mark Zuckerberg was already involved in a huge scandal with Facebook regarding data privacy and how certain companies used Data in Facebook to alter the elections of that running year.

Worst thing of all is that some of the questions asked in this final parlamentary session show how little or nothing some of these congressmen and women know about technology and how big companies like Google, Facebook or LinkedIn make a real living in today's everchanging digital economy.

What do you believe? Don't forget to leave your reply in our comments.

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