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iOS 13 - Latest Features

Yesterday, Apple presented the new features of its latest operating system for iphone in the WWDC.

Apple has made it clear that this new upcoming version of iOS will be much faster, as well as the introduction of the claimed "night mode" for iOS devices. iPads, on the other hand, received their own version of the operating system - baptized iPadOS.

The keyboard is going to be one of the tools that will adapt to the "night mode" that Apple has introduced in this latest version of its own Operating system, including a new feature to slide to write with the finger.

The music player has also received an important upgrade with night mode in iOS13. It will now show the lyrics to the music that you are playing as it reproduces. Furthermore, reminders have been made "smart" now and will be able to complete the tasks without the need for the user to input all of the necessary information.

The new apple maps is here

Maps has been comlpetely revamped. and has implemented  Look Around, the equivalent to Street view. Apple has made a big effort in implementing this technology and making it as widespread as possible. In the official presentation of the app, the response times and the app itself seemed to be extremely fluid.

Regarding privacy, iOS now offers the posibility to give information to apps only on determined moments , rather than giving it permission to access info forever. In this sense, for instance, a user can give access to the gps position of an app just once. The app will have to ask permission from the user again if it wants to use this later.

Apple has introduced a new auth system for apps who require you to register in services. Within this option, we can highlight the possibility to send false email addresses and random living addresses that apple then resends to the user's account. This will make it much easier to deactivate - and combat - spam, since apps will never have access to the real account.

Memojis - animated emojis - are gaining tons of new accessories, hairstyles and makeup and the system will now allow for them to be used as stickers in several apps.

Those who preffer traditional pictures also have new editing tools. However, the biggest detail and the one most acclaimed by fans will be the posibility to flip videos and add filters to them.

All of this will be stored in an updated gallery that will allow for the content to be ordered in days, months or years, with a new design in which videos will start playing automatically.

Airpods now reproduce siri messages automatically. And they have now been added a new functionality to share music between users by sharing the music sent from one pair of airpods to the other.

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